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Project: Qaswa 1.0

Acknowledged by many as the original double gutter web site, Qaswa took the hypertext web by storm. Launched in late 1995, the visually rich site startled internet veterans and delighted the new wave of web developers. The site served as a design portal, San Francisco culture zine, and showcase for designer Ammon Haggerty's work.

Project: Qaswa 2.0

When Macromedia released the first version of Shockwave - in late 1995 it only took a couple weeks to figure out a use for new technology. Granted the download was nearly a megabyte and most people were on 28.8 modems. It was still quite popular with the "patient" and "determined" crowds ;)

Project: Qaswa 3.0

Long overdue for an update, Qaswa finally took on a new look. The idea behind the design was to create a flexible framework for showcasing projects. When viewing a project the UI would collapse in order to shift the focus to the content.

Project: Anaspace

Anaspace is a vehicle for capturing and sharing personal or collective experiences. Beyond a searchable content library or database, Anaspace is a tool which mimics some of the fundamental methods of memory and associative experience management.

Project: Applied Materials

A training system for Applied Materials employees. Built in Flash with a CMS and template building tool.

Project: Redbull Copilot - Downhill

The Copilot series is about bringing the viewer into the experience of the extreme athlete. The race experience provides multiple camera angles, commentary, biometric data, and related information.

First Ascent

A simple goal really - drive across China, pack into the most remote valley on the planet, summit unclimbed mountains and give them names. The site was built to track their every move, capture their thoughts, and even monitor their heart rate. Built using Flash 3 and Flash Generator.

Project: iSeek

Presentation for a mobile technology enabling social proximity relations. The demo exposed some of the interesting dynamics of location based social interaction.

Project: International Triathlon Union

Designed and built the web site for the ITU's 1998 world championship race in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Project: Leaf Recordings

Leaf Recordings is a well respected dance music label based in Vancouver, Canada. Identity and branding was created over the first year of releases.

Project: Deborah Lewis

Deborah Lewis asked Qaswa to develop a brand for her new high-end handbag and parasol company. The mark was created with flexibility in mind. The products are subtly branded with embossing and understated labels. Corporate identity and marketing collateral was also created.

Project: Microsoft Mobile

We were asked to look at ways to increase the usability of mobile phone messaging. From next-gen UI designs to new approaches to core functionality - we explored where the platform is headed.

Project: Nike Cycling

Website for Nike's Cycling product line. An innovative navigation and display system turns a typically boring product site into something interesting.

Project: Nike Skateboarding

Redesign of the Nike Skateboarding website. The intention was to create an environment that profiled the new sneakers and rock star skate team in an easy to update framework while appealing to the skate community.

Project: Nike Soccer

Originally a website to explore the relationship between Brazilian and American soccer players, the site has expanded to represent all of US Nike Soccer. Users can explore the Americas and learn why geographical regions foster great players. A DVD was created to accompany the website.

Project: NikeLab

Nike Lab made a sweet little book about soccer and culture in Brazil. We made a sweet little virtual book for the world to see.

Project: Olympic Retrospective

It really wasn't such a bad gig - a month in Lausanne Switzerland, digging through the Olympic archives. The goal was to find the great moments of the Atlanta and Nagano games and reinterpret the pivotal moments using visualization and interactivity.

Project: relationEngine prototype

The relationEngine prototype was an idea for both capturing and displaying photographic relationships. The relationEngine uses a numerical hierarchy based on the Dewey Decimal System to capture proximity relationships.

Project: Media Presenter

At Sawyer Media, we created products for building a delivering composite media programming. The platform enabled small teams to create hosted, television-like experiences with little production effort. The presentation system was built to support Windows Media, Real Media, Quicktime, and Flash media files.


Odopod designed and engineered a highly flexible and modular site in Flash. More to come.

Project: WearYellow

The website that started the "Livestrong" yellow band craze. The intention of the site was to share the message of hope to people affected by cancer and sell yellow wrist bands to benefit Lance Armstrong's foundation.

Project: Sharing Digital Photos - The Future of Memories

Dane Howard, the design director of the Microsoft mobile group, asked me to contribute to his book about collecting and sharing digital media. I wrote two sections covering annotation and mapping. I also contributed photos which were used throughout the book.

Project: Music Mixes

Ammon Haggerty began DJing in 1992 as a partner in the now legendary club - Mushroom Jazz. Along side such greats at Mark Farina, Julius Papp, DJ Thomas, DJ Joshua, and many others, Ammon quickly rose in the DJ ranks. His style is extrememly diverse - from Dub to Salsa to tribal techno to african hilife. You can find an assortment of dj mixes by Ammon here.

Project: Writing

Ammon contributes to the monthly online zine -