Stonie Jazz 5

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Side B

My oldest salvaged dj mix - recorded in 1993. This mix is a time capsule from an early moment of my exploration of djing. When this recording was made I was resident DJ at Mushroom Jazz / Jazid Up, a weekly downtempo party in San Francisco. This mix represented an emerging music and energy that seemed to resonate with every aspect of my musical interest.

I made many copies of this mix tape and sent them far and wide as both gift and promotion. 10 years later not a single copy could be found, including the original master. A mass email requesting a copy finally located one in Seattle with my friend Grey Six. It was a copy of a copy of the original, but I was happy to have found one. Grey would often comment that the song titled “The Sun” was one of his all time favorite pieces of contemporary music and would help him get through hard moments in his life. Grey died of terminal illness shortly after sending me his copy of this mix tape, so I’d like to dedicate this recording to the memory of Grey Six.

Peace. Love. Harmony.

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