Hi, my name is Ammon Haggerty. I'm a multi-disciplinary design leader and technologist (code + design) working at the forefront of interaction design and machine intelligence. For more than a decade, I've built products and experiences for the emerging field of AI.

While at Microsoft, under the leadership of Blaise Agüera y Arcas, I was a part of the early Cortana and HoloLens teams, and developed concepts and prototypes for the coming revolution of intelligent agents.

I led the AI and personalization practice for BCG's venture incubation group (BCG X), co-founding the first successful, corporate backed venture to emerge from the group. Formation, was an AI-powered (specifically, reinforcement learning) loyalty optimization SAAS that powered the renowned Starbucks loyalty program.

I'm currently guiding several companies and startups in shaping their AI strategies, alongside working on launching my own venture, Joinable. In my spare time (ha!), I'm exploring ways to harness generative AI for personal and creative projects.

I have extensive experience building and managing creative and technical product teams across all stages of the creation process. My entrepreneurial journey continually offers new opportunities for learning and personal development, affirming my commitment to lifelong learning. I am passionate about applying exceptional design to exceptionally hard problems.

Over the years, I've been fortunate to work with many amazing people at BCG X, Microsoft, Obscura Digital, Odopod, Quokka, and countless agencies and independent collaborators. I've always loved wearing many hats and have held roles like VP Product Design, Resident DJ, Creative Technologist, Design Director, Lead Developer, and Founder.

Occasionally my work is recognized, and over the years I've collected more than 50 prestigious honors, including multiple Communication Arts Annuals, Cannes Lion Awards, and Webbie Awards nominations. I also love exploring novel design solutions and have received eight UX design patents.

My personal mission is to leverage design and innovation to amplify human connection.

Outside my work, I love music and enjoy sequencing songs with energetic intention—successful attempts go here. My wife Laura introduced me to photography of the larger format film variety—I occasional post photos on Instagram. In my free time I spend as much time as I can with Laura and our two amazing daughters.