Rhythmos Issue 2

The first issue of Rhythmos was created by a rag-tag crew of friends who felt a deep connection to the Bay Area rave scene. There was excitement from the response of the first issue and momentum towards the next. My life was becoming very full at that time—a new job, a new home, a new relationship. The second issue was nearly finished, but was never published to the disappointment of many who believed in the project.

I recently unearthed a 3/4 complete layout for the second issue in an ancient version of Quark Express. Somehow I was able to open it—bravo to backwards compatibility. And who knew Quark was still around? The designs I found were surprisingly coherent, especially when compared to issue #1. After some wrangling and font swapping, issue #2 looked just about print ready. Why had I not completed the issue? Perhaps some contributors remember better than me. I know this moment in time was a tremendous moment of rapid change for me and it's possible I sabotaged the effort to avoid an expectation for #3. There were likely many reasons.

What Rhythos #2 became the foundation for my first website project in 1994—qaswa.com. When I learned about the web, I created a community portal and culture hub with Rhythmos as the coherent core. The site became a tremendous success (by early web standards) and the content was seen far and wide. Terry Riley (a family friend) often mentions that the interview in this issue always comes up in conversations and interviews. I also found the interview used as part of the music history syllabus at Wesleyan University.

While I can't travel back in time, I've decided to publish issue #2 as an imagined historic artifact. Since the Quark document didn't have any of the ads, I added some flyers from the time and the classic photo of Jeno in front of BPM on the back (hope that's ok Ishmael!). If you feel inspired to print out a copy, you can download Rhythmos Issue 2 as a PDF.