Hard Rock Cafe: Rock Wall

Standing at 18 feet by 4 feet this wall allows multiple users to simultaneously interact with thousands of ultra high-resolution images and videos. At 5000 by 1080 pixels, the real-time display system runs fluidly at 60 frames per second using our proprietary hardware and software solutions.

The high resolution (for the time) was achieved by seamlessly blending three Christie 20k lumen projectors in a rear projection configuration. For touch we used the laser light plane (LLP) approach, which at the time, was only a conceptual academic approach — we were the first to successfully build at a large scale. The large form factor required a high level of precision and more than 100 high powered infra-red lasers — each one capable of quickly blinding you if the beam strayed into your eye.

The RockWall is still installed in many Hard Rock Cafe locations around the world.

Building the rig

Orlando Hard Rock Cafe