Kodak Pipeline

Obscura was part of a team that implemented a mind-blowing interactive media spectacle for Kodak’s trade shows, including the world’s largest multi-user, multitouch table.

The “Pipeline of Innovation”, a 24 foot long interactive surface with a 9 foot vertical “waterfall”, supports up to 16 simultaneous users and provides information about Kodak products and brand messaging in a fun and engaging way. High-resolution video plays on the background while animated disks, representing products, flow down its length. Visitors grab the disks and transform them into multi-page books of visuals and information. In addition, environmental media, Microsoft Surface tables, and interactive touch kiosks were used to provide compelling ways to learn about Kodak.

Blogger Andrew Liszewski summarized the 2010 CES booth perfectly in saying, “It’s not always easy to make devices like printers or digital photo frames exciting, but given the crowd around this setup Kodak definitely found a way!”

Construction / development

Installing the lasers