Nike Skateboarding V3

Nike came to us thinking they wanted a stylized HTML blog to replace their aging Flash site. We took their desire for publishing and flexibility and created a new kind of dynamic and responsive Flash site — I developed the V4 of my personal website as a proof of concept. The client had complete control and could re-style the entire site on a whim using CSS and XML-driven parameters. It was designed to take any content the client could throw at it.

We moved away from the overtly scrappy look of the prior designs and embraced clean lines and grids, with modularity in mind. The grit was more subtle, with rich and glitchy UI sounds created by the notorious musician Richard Devine. The site was also one of the first Flash sites to incorporate a dynamic “slippy map” so that we could embed the satellite view of Google Maps into our “skate spot finder.”

The site was well received and was featured in the Communication Arts Interactive Annual magazine, received a Cannes Cyber Lions award, and many other accolades.