Bluescape began as the question, “what is the office of the future?”. Office systems giant Haworth came to Obscura looking to redefine creative collaboration, a mandate rich in possibilities. After a few months working with the business strategy team at Haworth, we landed on our first product - an infinite, creative workspace.

I led a small team of designers and developers to build proof of concept prototypes. Our team built a high performance, highly scalable operating system, capable of nearly infinite screen space, group interaction and cloud streaming for real-time remote collaboration. Many novel interaction models were developed to address the challenges of multiple simultaneous users, both local and remote, and nearly infinite navigable space. We built custom display and multitouch solutions, as well as a unique stylus solution to maximize performance and capabilities.

Our prototypes proved the product concept was viable, leading to an investment by Haworth in a joint venture with Obscura. I left Obscura at the end of the prototyping effort. Bluescape now provides both hardware and software solutions for enterprise-grade, creative collaboration solutions.

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Conceptual illustration of the large-scale collaboration wall

Prototype hardware: rear projection array with LLP multi-touch

Front view of prototype display — 7500 x 3000 pixel, seamless, multi-touch display

Second prototype at the Hayworth headquarters, with additional rolling wall and collaboration room furniture concepts

Stylus concept using bluetooth + ultrasound-based identity tracking (for multi-user ID)

Development of ultrasound ID component

Exploration of touch-enabled UI widgets

Management portal UX

Productized Bluescape wall in use

Installed Bluescape wall

Promotional image of a Bluescape wall with Haworth's collaboration furniture line