From the late 90s till the mid 2000's, a group of artists and musicians lived in a beautiful San Francisco warehouse in the SOMA district — it was called 964 Natoma (which also happened to be the address). They would regularly host all night events — covering the large open floor in futons and pillows for people to relax and socialize, then let musicians and DJs play music until sunrise. It was a wonderful place to meet interesting people and hear great music. I was fortunate to be invited to play along side the amazing artists who lived there were Zoe Keating, John "jhno" Eichenseer, and Aaron Ximm — each incredibly inspiring musicians and creatives.

TechTwerp is a quiet mix of electronic music that skirts the edge between minimal techno and ambient music. The mix begins with Piano Magic’s sea shanty inspired “Halloween Boat”, and ends with my all time favorite Terry Riley piece “Poppy Nogood and the Phantom Band”.

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