Rhythm Society: Homecoming

The term “chill” entered my lexicon following EPMD's 1988 debut album Strictly Business. Their blockbuster track “You Gots to Chill” firmly secured the word “chill” into the minds of the masses. My introduction to the term “chill out” surfaced two years later from electronic/rave act The KLF, with their seminal album Chill Out — a dreamy, meandering soundscape with mixed spoken word, ambient music, soundscapes, and popular music samples. While The KLF may have been responsible for ushering in my generation of chill out rooms, it's worth recognizing the pioneers such as Terry Riley, John Cage, Iannis Xenakis, Brian Eno, Pink Floyd, and many others who have experimented with the quieter side of experiential performance.

Chill out music has always been more a state-of-mind than a specific musical genre. As someone who struggles to put music in a box, playing music in chill rooms has always been liberating. This mix was recorded in the chill room of the 2019 Fall Equinox Rhythm Society event “Homecoming”. The mix is on the upper end of the Chill Out Energy Spectrum (COES®) — appropriate for keeping folks awake at 3am 😉. The mix is anchored in electronic downtempo, moments of exploring double-time from the Microfunk genre, a brief dip into the quieter side of the PsyChill genre, then back into some folksy chill electronics. Featuring a track by one of my newfound fav artist Tree Theater, a new track by my friend Random Rab, a couple by the mesmerizing Finish artist Aleksi Perälä, and many others.


Download a lossless copy here

Image from Iannis Xenakis, Polytope de Cluny, 1972