Hunting Mushrooms
Synchronicity and reciprocity — my lifelong relationship with the mighty fungus
My Year In Music
Favorite music discoveries from 2018
Finding Center
An appeal for a centrist mindset to enable meaningful change
Accidental artist — my foray into photographic art-making
Joy & Happiness
Afro pop, afro house, and deep house mix
The Rhythm Society: Retreat
Afro house and deep house mix
Drifting Into The Valley
Thoughts on privacy and artificial intelligence
A brief history of a tech startup
Little Hip Hop
Chill instrumental hip hop mix
Gia's Birthday
Afro-Caribbean and West African dance mix
The Rhythm Society: Portal
Quirky chillout and downtempo mix
A visual relational discovery engine
The Art of Discovery
Voyaging into the unknown
Sixth Sense
A research project exploring subconscious notification
Attention Management
Information overload and some ideas to fix it
The Rhythm Society: Superheroic
Funky house jams
SFPUC Digital Arts Panorama
58 foot long interactive storytelling wall
Large scale, distributed creative collaboration platform
Solomo Disco
Soul and disco edits
iTunes Data Visualizer
Visualizing my music listening habits
F8 Connections
Augmented reality social experiment for Facebook
Africa Edits + Disco
Traditional and electronic African music mix
Folksonomic Musicology
A DJ's approach to music classification and organization
Guy Murchie
How I discovered one of my favorite teachers in Joshua Tree
Transmigration Reboot
My humble attempt to define the meaning of life
Patterns & Rhythms
Deep, electronic infused, Afro House mix
Native iOS augmented reality game
Kodak Pipeline
The worlds largest seamless interactive table created for CES
Hard Rock Cafe: Rock Wall
Explore rock & roll memorabilia with friends
Obscura Reboot
Website and augmented reality iOS app
Nike Skateboarding V3
The evolution of an iconic brand experience
S.S. Vallejo
Mystery and wonder onboard an old ferry boat
The Freshening Of Past Ideals
60s and 70s psychedelic chill-out mix
Albany Bulb
Old landfill turned Bay Area art park
Mix of contemporary West African music
Bruce Connor
Legendary mixed media artist and filmmaker
Electric Sheep
The generative and collaborative art of Scott Draves
Qaswa V4
Experiments in responsive design for Flash
A Son Picks The Sons
A mix of music from my father’s band
Nike Skateboarding V2
Nike's irreverent skateboarding brand get a brutalist treatment
A quiet mix of minimal techno and ambient music
A chilled-out breakbeat mix
A Dewey Decimal based discovery engine
Older Mixes from The RS
Some favorite mixes from early Rhythm Society events
Bliss & Tumble
A chilled-out drum & bass mix
First Ascent
A web-based extreme sports reality show
Logo for the iconoclast company and founder
Dub Quarantine
An ambient and electronic dub mix
Burning Man
My introduction to TTITD (that thing in the desert)
My first font design
Stonie Jazz 5
My oldest recorded DJ mix from 1993
Terry Riley Interview
The godfather of modern minimalist and ambient music
Terry's Reviews
Early 90s ambient techno tracks reviewed by Terry Riley